What we can learn from kids about enjoying our stuff


This week two kids made me smile.

First, on my bike ride home I saw two girls about four years old, taking their dog for a walk in their best party dresses. You know the dresses that look like a Disney princess? They were wearing their best, on a Tuesday, out for a walk.

The second scene was a little boy playing with his sword that lit up and made swooshing noises every time he swiped it. He was enthusiastically chopping the air in his front yard, as his dad called out from the porch “OK Samurai, time to wear a jacket.” Kids are allowed to play, to enjoy, to pretend. Why can’t we do the same?

These scenes reminded me that kids revel in their best, they love to use, enjoy, experience, and repeat their favourite things. They aren’t afraid of wasting or ruining or missing their favourites because they use them and enjoy them every chance they get.

Who hasn’t seen Spiderman weeks before Halloween? Who hasn’t seen a child show up in their superman costume everyday of kindergarten because they love it so much? The parents beg and bribe to convince them to wear something else, but it’s their favourite in this season and they’re wearing it.

When was the last time you got a rip in the knee of your pants? It’s been years since I’ve had a hole in my clothes, but when I was a kid you can be darn sure I wore out all of my clothes until they had holes. As I think back on my childhood I can think of multiple absolute favourite items that I wore to death.

Things we can learn from kids:

Wear it out! 
Love it, obsess over it, reach for it, let it be your favourite of the season and wear the heck out of it! I love that with kids you know exactly what they are obsessed with, what they love, and what’s their favourite. 

Don’t follow the rules
A party dress for a dog walk? Spiderman costume for the grocery store? Sounds perfect! The rules are fake anyways! Wear what you want, when you want!

Have a favourite 
Kids are obsessed with favourites. They like something and have to have it ALL the time. Why not try the same? Lean into having a favourite and give yourself permission to use it as often and as intensely as you want! We can learn so much from kids and how they aggressively use their favourite things. 

What are your favourite things this season? What are you obsessed with right now? What would you wear if there were no rules?

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