Dare to wear


On Sunday I invited my nearest and dearest to celebrate my birthday and issued them a challenge that went like this:

You’ve been invited to a cordial affair:
one with lace, and earrings, and dresses to wear!
No ensemble’s too much;
grab your most ornament clutch.
On this day I give you a dare,
don the dress you have nowhere to share.

They had to dare to wear!

Sunday brought bunting, bubbly, birthday cake, and a bunch of babes dressed in their best! Everyone accepted the challenge and took it to the next level. We had bridesmaid dresses, debut dresses, and a wedding dress.

I wore my wedding dress! I have felt for a long time, it is such a waste that our wedding dresses only get to be debuted once. I love my wedding dress, it is the most expensive dress I’ve ever owned, so why would I only wear it once and tuck it away forever? This party is about giving an event for all the dresses that have nowhere to be be worn.

My favourite part was when we sat and shared the story of our outfit. Why did we have it? When did we get it? Why do we struggle to wear it? 

Heels, pea coats, velvet socks, choker necklaces, statement earrings, hair pieces, clutches too small for a phone, peplems, bridesmaid dresses, problematic patterns, where do I wear this? 

And then the womanly wisdom was shared. 

“I’d pair that with sneakers”

“Throw on a bomber jacket”

“That necklace is so versatile!”

“Oh, it’s definitely work-appropriate!”

“That pattern is perfect for…”

Multiple items were debuted at this party, and worn for the first time. Something magical was shared by many; the barrier had been removed. Now that it had been worn once, perhaps it could be worn again.

Maybe it didn’t need to be saved for the perfect event, but an event could be made perfect by wearing it.

What would you wear if you were invited to a Dare to Wear party? What dress is hiding in your closet with nowhere to go?

All photos are thanks to my dear and talented friend Jen Newman📷@jennewmanphoto

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