How to Host a Dare to Wear Event


I recently hosted a Dare to Wear Event for my birthday. The premise of the event is simple: you issue a challenge to your guests to wear the dress they have nowhere else to wear. If this kind of event interests you, read on for the ground rules of how to host your very own Dare to Wear Event.

The Premise
You’re hosting a party and the rule is you and your guests have to wear a dress you have nowhere else to wear. You know the one, no matter what the event, it never makes the cut and never comes out of your closet.

☑️ It’s too tight
☑️It’s too bright
☑️It’s too long
☑️It’s too short
☑️It’s too edgy
☑️It’s too tame
☑️It’s too expensive
☑️It’s too cheap
☑️It’s too hard to clean

Whatever the excuse, the excuses are up and you have to wear that dress to this event. Think wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, dress you bought for that weird wedding, dress you made yourself, dress you love but have no reason to wear. It’s that dresses time to shine!

I wore my wedding dress

The Purpose
This is an event to practice using your best. If you want to stop at dresses that’s fine, but think of all the other things you never have a chance to wear. Think of the possibilities…

💎 Jewelry
🧣 Scarves
👠 Shoes
👛 Purses
💃 Belts
💅🏻 Nail polish
🧦 Socks
💄 Make up (looking at you lipstick)
💃 Hair accessories
👙 Lingerie

Beware of the Excuses
Now, something happens when an idea like this comes along. It’s equal parts exciting and intimidating. It forces us out of our comfort zone, we start excited and then lose steam. The excuses start to brew and we begin to think, yes but….

Yes, but it has to be at a proper tea salon. 
Yes, but it has to have _______ number of guests. 
Yes, but I should do ______________ before. 
Yes, but my house has to be…
Yes, but I have to lose weight first
Yes, but….

I know these excuses from experience, as I fell into this trap myself. This Fall I knew I wanted to host a Dare to Wear Event, but I got stuck on the idea of having it at a tea salon for a reasonable price. After doing some research I realized that my dream of high tea for a bargain wasn’t going to happen and I stalled out. After a couple months I realized what I was doing, I was putting off doing this event perfectly instead of focusing on having this event and making it perfect. Once I realized this, I made some invites, sent them out, recruited my husband, and popped the bubbly. Dare to make it doable.

The Event
The Dare to Wear Event can be anything! It can be a stand alone event or the theme for an already existing party. 

🎂 Birthday party
🎄Christmas party
👯Bachelorette party
👰🏻 Bridal shower
🖇️ Office party
😎 Summer soiree

A Dare to Wear Event can happen on any occasion!

My Dare to Wear Event was for my birthday!

The Budget
As the host of this event it should NOT cost a lot of money. The idea is to use what you have. Do not buy a lot of supplies for this event, look around your home or borrow from others to make this party happen. You have complete creative liberty with the food, the drink, the theme. I find high tea lends nicely, but anything will do!

The Decor
This event does not have to be fancy. There are no rules on the food. If you want to keep with the theme of using your best, consider using:

🥂 Your good glassware – champagne flutes, coup glasses, whiskey tumblers
🍽️ Fine china
👉 Table cloth and cloth napkins
🫖Hosting dishes
🍽️Display dishes

Again, there are no rules, but if you’ve been waiting for the perfect event to pull out these items, you may just be having it!

The Wisdom
My favourite part of this event is gathering all the guests together and asking the story of their outfit. Where did they get it? Why did they decide to wear it? What holds them back from wearing it? Naturally a shared wisdom starts to flow from a room full of women daring to wear. It’s beautiful and you’ll realize all the excuses, reasons, rules, and expectations are made up, and thanks to your beautiful friends you feel encouraged and cared for. Dare to share!

Listening to the wisdom

The Photos
This event will be one you want to remember so make sure there are pictures. Don’t go all out with a balloon arch, but keep it simple and make sure the dresses and laughs are documented.

Tag Me
I love the confidence, joy, and freedom this event brings! If you decide to host your own Dare to Wear Event please tag me and use #daretowearevent

Will you host a Dare to Wear Event? What would you wear?

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  1. I love this idea! My aunt had a similar idea a couple of years ago, but then had to cancel due to lockdowns. I wonder if we could reschedule- it sounds so fun! Your event looks like it was a great success!

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