Dare to fight the Excuses


I had decided to have a Dare to Wear Event. I had sent out invitations and issued the challenge- wear the dress you have nowhere else to wear. I figured out the how, and then followed up with something very important: I sent all my guests an FAQ that answered all of their excuses.

You see, when you invite someone to a Dare to Wear Event, you are inviting them to step outside of their comfort zone. There is a reason these dresses never leave the closet. There is a reason we make up excuses for why we can’t wear it. This is when you come alongside your guests and you tell them – “I see you, I understand your fear, and I will support you, let’s dare to wear!” Without further ado, the letter to my guests.

Hello Ladies!
You received my invite and realized, this is no common event you’re attending, this event requires you to dare to wear!
Perhaps your mind took off like a racehorse, running a thousand miles an hour thinking about all the items waiting in your closet, that you can’t wait to wear.
Perhaps your mind went blank. What? Wear a fancy dress?
Perhaps you started to think of all the reasons you couldn’t attend, all the reasons it’s better to keep that dress locked in the closet.

I get it, this event asks you to be daring.
It asks you to step outside your comfort zone.
I do not take lightly what I’m asking you to do. So, I thought I would help you with some common questions and a reminder: there is a room full of beautiful, courageous, daring women waiting to encourage you and accept you. This won’t be like that time in high school when you took a risk and heard the whispers. This will be different. Read on and get excited, we are going to have a wonderful time in our finest garb! 💃

My Dare to Wear Event FAQ, read on below.

What if I have nothing to wear?
Are you sure? Nothing? There are no rules except you have to wear the dress you have nowhere else to wear. Seriously, look waaaaay at the back of your closet and see what you find.

What if I don’t have the courage to wear my fanciest dress out of the house?
Courage isn’t something you have, it’s something you do. You may feel uncomfortable, but the beautiful thing is we will all be uncomfortable together, making it an exciting, encouraging, accepting space to be brave. To practice your courage. This is one of those times I can promise you, you will not be alone.

What if my outfit is over the top and too much?
When we put on an outfit we often ask ‘am I too much?’ At this party it’s not possible to be too much. You won’t break any expectations or standards. You just come, in your best dress, with butterflies, discomfort, and all.

What if this is the first time I’m wearing this item?
Even better! We buy items for the life we want and think there are requirements for wearing our stuff. This is that event. This is the life you’ve been waiting for. Just know that there is a room full of women waiting for you, encouraging you, and can’t wait to see this dress’ debut!

What if this item was for a special occasion like a wedding, a funeral, a graduation, or a Christmas party?
That special occasion has come and gone and this dress remains. You get to choose, let the ridiculous rules stand in the way, or make your own rules and choose to wear this dress. Dare to Wear!

What if I need to buy something to make my outfit complete?
Nope, nada, not happening! Your outfit should cost $0.We are shopping our closets, only! We are experimenting and trying and mixing and matching. We are not purchasing. Pair, play, practice, but don’t purchase!

What if my body has changed and NONE of my fancy clothes fit?
Pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, breast feeding, surgery, illness. I get it, our bodies change. Here’s where we go into our closets with fresh eyes. What accessories do you have that you never seem to wear?

That scarf
Those heels
That costume jewelry
Those dangly earrings
That statement necklace
Those tights
That belt

This is not an exercise in suffering, but an exercise in freedom. Go in and put on something you haven’t given yourself permission to wear. Adorn your body with love and beautiful items, who says a statement necklace doesn’t go with leggings?
Also, who says the dress has to fully do up and you can’t show a little cleave? 

I can’t wait to see you, celebrate you and enjoy putting our excuses on hold, together!

Did I miss any excuses? What would you need to be answered to be able to dare to wear?

The excuses were up!

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